Assistance 24/7

At ISON Care, we know how important it is to feel safe and be sure that, in the event of an accident during holidays and trips abroad, assistance specialists will provide fast and professional help. That is why the assistance services offered by ISON Care around the world have been trusted by our business clients and insured persons for 30 years now. Travel Assistance provides assistance in case of an unforeseen event while traveling outside the country, such as illness, accident, loss or delay of luggage or flight.

The scope of traveller's assistance services includes:

  • medical assistance (including medical consultations, outpatient examinations and procedures, surgical procedures, hospital stay, dental treatment, etc.)
  • professional medical transport to a medical facility at the place of the accident or return transport to the place of residence
  • covering the costs of a visit of a loved one in the event of hospitalization of the insured person
  • accommodation during convalescence
  • translator’s help
  • legal assistance in the event of coming into conflict with local law abroad
  • financial assistance in the event of loss of documents or means of payment
  • caring for underage children
  • assistance in the event of a loss or damage of a luggage
  • assistance in organizing search and rescue operations, ie. in the mountains, at sea

Thanks to an extensive network of partners and local representatives, we are able to provide fast and professional help regardless of the place and time of the event.

We offer traveller's assistance services:

  • insurance companies
  • travel agencies
  • job placement companies abroad
  • individual clients