Assistance 24/7

Medical Assistance is a service that provides fast and professional help in the event of health problems related to sudden illness or an accident. At ISON Care, thanks to the network of medical centers, individual doctors, nurses and other medical specialists, we have been successfully providing professional medical assistance services for over 30 years.

As part of medical assistance, we organize and provide, among others the following services:

  • access to a dedicated 24-hour medical hotline
  • talking to a doctor or nurse by phone or on-line
  • home visit by an internist, pediatrician or nurse
  • organization of a visit to a selected medical facility
  • professional medical transport to the hospital, for examination in a specialized clinic or home after treatment
  • monitoring of the treatment process and its legitimacy by specialist doctors
  • a second medical opinion of a specialist doctor in Poland or abroad
  • caring for dependent family members or pets left at home for the time of hospitalization

We offer medical assistance services, among others:

  • insurance companies
  • medical facility networks
  • companies from the telco industry
  • individual clients